Chris McDowell

Portland, OR

Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Photographer

Chris McDowell, Web & Graphic Designer

Does your marketing need a reboot?

I'm Chris McDowell, and for over a decade now I've been focusing on producing all manners of marketing materials.

What I do

My extensive experience with marketing includes building websites from scratch, internet programming and databases, social media positioning, search engine optimization, print design of brochures, business cards and posters, logo development, map design, and photography.

Personal service, professional results

I pride myself on providing a great service to my customers. Although my work is always professional, I like to maintain friendly, casual relationships with my clients. My favorite way to meet a customer and find out what they need is to sit down over a cup of coffee!

Thanks for your interest! Let me know if I can help push your marketing up to the next level.

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