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2007 Photo Mosaic Poster
Sage on a tire swing 2
Sage and Grandma

About me

My good name became the business.

When I started the process of setting up my own freelance business after 5 years of building or managing websites for other companies, deciding on the name kept stumping me. I tried to keep in mind things like using a name that started with A or B so that I appeared up top in alphabetical lists, finding a name that was memorable but professional, but not pretentious, that was available with a '.com' after it...the list of 'must-haves' went on and on. Over months, I could not find a name that I was happy with.

I realized then that there was more to marketing than a catchy name. When you think about the very base of marketing, you're reaching out to your customer. You're telling them that firstly, you have what they need, and second, they will have a good experience in dealing with you. Perhaps my business name doesn't have to be any more than my own name.

In 5 years I've developed a clientele that knows me and trusts me, and I in turn protect them. I am never bothered by an e-mail or phone call from a customer, concerned about a server hiccup preventing their site from loading, or a letter they've received from someone they never heard of telling them to renew their domain name. Because of this openness and trust, my customers swear by my service and this has been a sustaining element of my business.

Because it is my good name that I promote the very best of my services with, it was my good name that became the business. I am Christopher J. McDowell, and I take pride in what I do.
Christopher J. McDowell • web development, graphic design & photography services
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