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Website Pricing

Pricing websites is one of the hardest things for a designer to do. Each website is different, because every client has different visions, needs, desires, and styles.

Experience has taught me that I need to charge a minimum of $500 for a high quality website built from scratch. Anything less than this is likely to reflect poorly both on my business and on yours. $500 will get you:
  • a simple, 4-page, full website
  • a custom designed graphic template
  • a full contact page with a secure feedback form
  • all content proofread and edited
  • website completed within 2 weeks of quote approval

For a complete quote, I would need to get as detailed an overview of your vision as possible. Send me an e-mail and I'll let you know either a ballpark figure, or a firm quote if I have enough information.

Because many people wonder how to maximize their costs, below I have listed some factors which directly affect price.

Quality of Content (Spelling/grammar, clarity of ideas) ---
Forget everything you've heard about marketing your website - if the content isn't well-written, clear and concise, you won't get anything from it. When you submit content to me for posting on the website, I will be reviewing it to make sure it shines. If this takes hours, expect it to cost more. Put simply, if writing isn't your strong suit, don't be your own proofreader.

Changing Directions after Approvals ---
Throughout the project, I will be stopping to request approvals from you. These approval points mark spots where, once passed, it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming to go back and make changes. If, at these approval points, you want to change something around, please talk to me ASAP so we can deal with it.

Customer Communication ---
I am very deadline-driven, and work best when I have specific dates to shoot for. When your website quote is approved, I will outline a completion date, as well as checkpoint dates that both parties need to meet. If these dates are missed, it will delay the website, and may end up costing more depending on the length of the delay. Simply put, if this month you know you won't be able to focus too much on your website, let's start working on it next month.

Keeping those factors in mind will help both parties maximize their investment and keep costs down.
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